Wide angle detail of threads on XLF high-strength integral connector

XLF Connectors

High-strength integral connector ideal for casing strings.


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XLF is a high-strength integral connector with pin and box threads machined directly into the pipe wall. This process produces the ideal connector geometry of a flush inside diameter (ID) and flush outside diameter (OD).

The XLF connector has an internal metal-to-metal pressure seal, making it an ideal choice for casing strings with pressure integrity as the primary design driver. XLF connectors are rated at 100% of pipe body strength in internal and external pressure.

XLF connectors make up in approximately three turns, the majority of which are low-torque spin-up until the wedge thread surfaces engage. Makeup torques are comparatively low and range from 30,000 to 40,000 ft-lb depending on size. XLF connectors are suitable for makeup with either power tongs or manual tongs.

XLF is XL Systems' first-generation wedge thread connector. Since 1986, it has had an excellent field service history in a wide variety of onshore and offshore casing and conductor applications. XLF connectors are manufactured in diameters of 20 in. or more.


  • Flush ID and OD profile
  • Internal metal seal
  • Full pipe body pressure ratings
  • Integral box and pin threads
  • Wedge thread technology


  • Ideal connector geometry—the connector takes up no more annular space than the pipe
  • Reliable pressure integrity
  • Connector pressure ratings match pipe body capacity
  • Cost-effective design eliminates large-diameter forgings and welding costs
  • Easy spin-up, high torque capacity, and excellent resistance to anti-rotation
  • XLF High Strength Integral Connector Flyer
  • XLF, XLF-RB, and XLF-HS Connectors Data Sheet
  • XLF, XLF-RB, and XLF-HS Connectors Product Summary Flyer
Render of an XLF Connector
Closeup detail of threads on an XLF high-strength integral connector

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