Close up detail of inner threads in an XLW connector

XLW Connectors

Combining the integrity of a wedge thread connector with the strength of a weld-on connector.


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XLW is a unique hybrid connector with an integral pin thread and a weld-on box. The XLW connector features a flush inside diameter (ID) profile and an upset connector outside diameter (OD), which form an integral lift shoulder.

The XLW connector features wedge thread technology and an internal, metal-to-metal pressure seal and is rated to 100% of pipe body capacity in internal pressure, external pressure, tension, compression, and bending. XLW connectors are ideally suited for critical casing strings in which both pressure and structural strength are design drivers.

XLW connectors make up in approximately three turns, the majority of which are low-torque spin-up until the wedge thread surfaces engage. Wedge thread technology provides anti-rotation in open water without the need for installation of an additional locking device.

XLW connectors are suitable for makeup with either power tongs or manual tongs. Makeup torques are comparatively low and range from 30,000 to 60,000 ft-lb depending on size. XLW connectors are manufactured in 20- to 48-in. diameters.


  • Connector ratings equal full pipe body strength
  • Integral lift shoulder
  • Internal metal seal
  • Wedge thread technology


  • Reliable performance under extreme loading conditions
  • Easy running and handling offshore
  • Reliable pressure integrity
  • Easy spin-up, high torque capacity, and excellent resistance to anti-rotation
  • XLW Hybrid Weld-On Connector Flyer
  • XLW Connectors Data Sheet
  • XLW Connectors Product Summary Flyer
Render of an XLW connector
Wide angle side shot of an XLW connector

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