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XLW-GT Connectors

Gas-tight internal metal seal designed for high performance under gas pressure loading.


Render of XLW-GT Connector
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In response to an increasing number of surface-casing applications that require gas pressure sealability, we now offer a gas-tight (GT) connector, the XLW-GT. Featuring an optimized internal metal seal design machined on high-strength pin-and-box forging material, the XLW-GT connector raises the bar on large-diameter connector seal performance under gas pressure loading.

Extensive ISO/FDIS 13679:2011 testing has been completed with gas on multiple connector sizes to CAL I-E requirements and confirms seal integrity up to 95% of actual X80 pipe body internal pressure ratings.

Using the same wedge thread design as the widely used XLW connector, XLW-GT maintains 100% pipe body ratings in tension, compression, and bending. As no anti-rotation feature installation is required due to the wedge thread design, strings are run faster and the risk of a dropped string from connector failure is minimized.

XLW-GT Connector Gas Testing

For gas-tight surface applications that require a metal-to-metal internal pressure seal, we offer the XLW-GT wedge thread connection. Testing has been completed up to 95% of actual X80 pipe body internal pressure ratings to ISO 13679 CAL I-E (with gas) requirements. The following sizes have been tested: 

  • 20 x 0.750  X80 XLW-GT
  • 22 x 1.00 X80 XLW-GT
  • 22 x 1.25 X80 XLW-GT

The CAL I-E qualification requires the testing of two samples:

  • The first sample (ISO Specimen 1) is machined to an extreme tolerance, worst case sealing configuration and make-and-break tested. Upon completion, seal performance of this sample is then verified through a series of tests that include two-quadrant combined load with bending (ISO Series B), four-quadrant combined load (ISO Series A), and limit load to failure.  
  • The second sample (ISO Specimen 5) is machined to an extreme tolerance, worst case galling configuration. This sample undergoes make-and-break testing only to verify resistance to galling. 


  • Gas-tight internal metal seal
    • Reliable gas pressure sealability confirmed with physical testing
  • Connector ratings equal full pipe body strength
    • Reliable performance under extreme loading conditions
  • Integral lift shoulder
    • Easy running and handling offshore
  • Wedge thread technology
    • Easy spin-up, high torque capacity, and excellent resistance to anti-rotation

  • XL Systems 20x0.750 X80 XLW-GT Connector Gas Data Sheet
  • XL Systems 22x1.00 X80 XLW-GT Connector Gas Data Sheet
  • XL Systems 22x1.25 X80 XLW-GT Connector Gas Data Sheet
  • XL Systems 22x1.50 X80 XLW-GT Connector Gas Data Sheet
  • XLW-GT Connectors Data Sheet
  • XLW-GT Connector Technical Summary
  • XLW-GT Connectors Product Summary Flyer
Side-view render of XLW-GT connector

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