Yale SafeGuard Lugless Closure

Our unique, lugless feature of our Yale SafeGuard closure provides significant benefits to end users, including an overall low total cost of ownership.

Render of Yale SafeGuard Lugless Closure
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Our Yale™ Figure 500 SafeGuard lugless closures provide productivity, durability, and safety for the most critical installations. The lugless feature of the SafeGuard closure prevents in-field safety risks associated with hammering on the closure cap lugs as well as the potential for damage to the closure that could hinder its sealing capability and shorten its service life. Our Yale SafeGuard closure can be easily operated with a standard 24- or 36-in. pipe wrench.


  • Eliminates risk of hammering on closure cap for added safety and prevention of damage to the closure
  • Secure sealing without leakage
  • Quick and easy operation that saves operators time and effort
  • Long service life to optimize the return on your investment
  • A Pressure Alert Valve (PAV; standard on 6-in. and larger closures and optional on all others) ensures that all residual pressure in the pipeline or vessel is eliminated before the pressure cap is loosened to ensure operator safety.
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