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Technician with DuraTester Motor Dyno in workshop

Your Permian Basin Solutions Provider

Grant Prideco and Tuboscope technicians inspecting product at a NOV facility in Navasota

NOV Wellbore Technologies – Your Proven Permian Basin Solutions Provider

With experience dating back to the Permian Basin’s beginnings, NOV Wellbore Technologies is uniquely positioned to support your drilling operations. Our deep expertise, dedication, and industry-leading technologies enable you to drill farther, faster, and safer. We understand the complexity of your business, and our team is aligned to bring you proactive solutions for your toughest drilling challenges.

  • Description Drilling and Intervention
  • Description Solids Control and Waste Management
  • Description Data and Insights
  • Description Tubular and Drill Pipe Solutions
Drilling and Intervention
Solids Control and Waste Management
Data and Insights
Tubular and Drill Pipe Solutions



Friction Reduction/Vibration Mitigation

Drill Bits and Features

Motors and Rotary Steerable



Site Services


Solids Control

Waste Management


Asset Lifecycle Management

Drilling Surface Data

Drilling Downhole Data

Completions Surface Data


Tubular Solutions

Drill Pipe Inspection

Critical inspections for challenging drilling environments

Tubing Inspection Services

Uncover defects and identify critical downhole conditions that can shorten the life of your tubing…

Line Pipe Inspection Services

Improve safety, reduce environmental impact, and maximize pipeline design life with Tuboscope line…

Casing Inspection Services

We provide critical casing inspections to help ensure your wellbore integrity.  

Sucker Rod Inspection Services

Tuboscope sucker rod inspection services offer the most cost-effective method to extend sucker rod…

Internal TK Coatings

Prevent corrosion and wear, improve hydraulic efficiency, and control deposit mitigation with…

Custom Coating Services

Our custom-coated accessories help protect your drilling, production, and pipeline applications.


A high-performance protective lining system for corrosive environments in production, injection,…

KC Connection

Tuboscope’s KC Connection is a high-performance modification to 8rd connections for coated, lined,…

Artificial Lift Technologies

Optimize asset value and maximize production efficiency.

Thru-Kote Connection System

Thru-Kote is a welded connection system for joining internally coated line pipe and piping…

Zap-Lok Pipeline Connection System

The Zap-Lok mechanical pipeline connection system is a safe, fast, and cost-effective method for…

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies

Helping you deliver protected pipe, all day, every day.

Drill Pipe Solutions