Zap-Lok Pipeline Connection System

The Zap-Lok mechanical pipeline connection system is a safe, fast, and cost-effective method for pipeline construction.


The Zap-Lok™ system enables significant advantages in construction speed and overall cost compared to other pipe-joining methods. Our system replaces the variable performance, reliability, and cost of welders and other skilled labor with a highly efficient hydraulic Zap-Lok machine.

Every Zap-Lok joint is carefully prepared and inspected to ensure the highest connection integrity in the field. Our quality control procedures confirm that every heat of pipe meets both API dimensional tolerances and our own Zap-Lok specifications, thus reducing a large percentage of complications that commonly occur during construction.

Zap-Lok is suitable for bare or internally coated pipelines, onshore and offshore, and in all terrain, climatic conditions, and configurations.

  • Oil and condensate takeaway
  • CO2 and water flowlines
  • Corrosive transmission and disposal pipe
  • High-pressure pipelines
  • Sour gas service


  • Produces fully rated pipelines from 2 to 16 in., up to Schedule 80, X-65-grade (65,000 psi)
  • Delivers permanent, high-strength connections
  • Minimizes in-field welding requirements
  • Consistent quality of each connection reduces risk
  • Exceeds production schedules with consistent construction rates of 800 to 1,000 ft/hr
  • Supports ASME B-31.4, B-31.3, and B-31.8 standards
  • Reduces manpower and infrastructure requirements
  • Cuts pipeline installation time and costs
  • Reduces HSE footprint- and welding-related risks

High-pressure hydrostatic performance

Unlike most other mechanical connections, Zap-Lok is not derated in terms of pressure-bearing capacity. The design of the pipeline remains a function of the pipe diameter, wall thickness, and intended operating pressure.

Tensile and axial performance

The tensile and axial strength of the Zap-Lok connection allows for versatile construction techniques such as long pull sections, bore sections, and complex field bending.

Since 2004, Zap-Lok has been certified and installed using the S-lay configuration for offshore construction projects in the Gulf of Mexico, the Far East, and West Africa in water depths up to
220 ft.


To simulate the various load combinations present in an offshore installation, Zap-Lok connections have undergone extensive independent destructive testing.

Various finite element analysis (FEA) and pipelay models such as OFF-PIPE, Orcaflex, and Ansys re-recreated the forces present for various pipe dimensions in underwater installations and verified with these empirical data. Independent reports have concluded that the connection retains 100% integrity at 660 ft water depth (test limit) and shows the potential to reach greater depths.

Zap-Lok and Internal Coatings

Zap-Lok connections improve coating integrity while simplifying pipeline construction. By eliminating the heat of welding, Zap-Lok enables use of internal coatings without the risk of damage to the connection area. Every length of pipe is manufactured to allow a 100% continuous coating layer by creating an overlapping, dual-layered coating section. 

Zap-Lok and External Coatings

When working in corrosive environments, extra care must be taken to prevent potential holidays from developing on the protective coating layer during traditional girth welding. By eliminating the welding requirements of exposed bare steel and high-heat, Zap-Lok connections allow a continuous holiday-free coating layer, free from a heat-affected weld zone.


  • Zap-Lok Pipeline Connection System Brochure

  • Line Pipe Services Brochure

  • Line Pipe Services Spec Sheet

Image of a Zap-Lok installation with scenic mountains in the background.
T-Flange Thru-Kote Zap-Lok
Zap-Lok Connection Close-up
Image of an NOV employee working on a Zap-Lok unit.

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