• Whether it’s drilling, completion, intervention or even custom design applications, we will deliver your well plans faster, deeper and safer.

  • Intervention

    At times, it is necessary to perform testing downhole using a conventional drill string configuration as a conduit for tools. Intervention strings include an increased bore and are optimized to provide maximum drift. The 7-5/8” intervention string increases potential drift further than has been available with 6-5/8” pipe.


    Landing operations can be accomplished using thick-walled landing strings that are optimized for maximum tensile capacity. At times, the string must be rated to several million pounds. This requires the right configuration for a strong enough pipe body, connection, slip crushing resistance and elevator capacity. Our new 7-5/8” Slip-Proof™ landing string can be configured to come with a 3 million pound rating.


    In drill string design, the tapered string configuration is a popular option for maximizing true vertical depth. As the industry has found ways to drill beyond what has ever been possible before, the need arose to add a larger section to the tapered string. With the addition of 7-5/8” drill pipe, wells can be drilled deeper than ever before.

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