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    NOV Tuboscope

    Tubular Corrosion Control and Inspection Services


    Tuboscope is your single source for the most comprehensive package of oilfield tubular services worldwide

    NOV® Tuboscope’s® industry leading technology and proven experience in inspection, machining services, inventory management and corrosion control products increase tubular life cycle and maximize your investment.

    Tuboscope has been performing inspections on tubular goods for more than 70 years. From a single machine shop in 1938 to more than 190 locations in 49 countries on six continents, Tuboscope continues to provide value added services which reduce risk and protect customers’ investment.

    Tuboscope inspection services have grown with the market - providing superior support worldwide. We use the highest quality NDT methods which include ultrasonic, electromagnetic inspection, eddy current, magnetic particle, penetrant and visual inspection of tubular goods before they are placed into service.

    Corrosion Control

    • External Coatings
    • TK Liner Products
    • Internal Coatings

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    Inspection Services

    NOV’s Tuboscope has been performing inspections on oilfield tubular goods for 70 years.

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    Line Pipe Services

    • Inspection Services
    • Corrosion Control
    • Connection Systems
    • Thru-Kote
    • Zap-Lok

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    Machining Services

    • Manufacturing
    • Thread Repair

    • Tool Joint Rebuilding

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    New Pipe Services

    • New Pipe Inspection
    • Thread Repair
    • Tubular Leak Detection

    • Corrosion Control

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    Used Pipe Services

    • Used Pipe Inspection
    • Thread Repair

    • Tubular Leak Detection

    • Corrosion Control

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    Surveillance Services

    Customers rely on Tuboscope to be their eyes and ears on location providing...

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    Drill Pipe Services

    • Asset Management
    • Hardbanding
    • Drill Pipe Inspection

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    Tubular Leak Detection

    Tuboscope's proven testing services have helped oil & gas companies from all over...

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    Sucker Rod Services

    • Rod Inspection
    • Sales and Service
    • Corrosion Control
    • Molded Guide Rods

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    Specialty Inspection Services

    • Derrick Services
    • Rope Access Services
    • Rig Inspection Services

    • Certifications & Memberships

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