New ION+ Fortis range of cutters builds upon proven ReedHycalog PDC cutter technology

ReedHycalog’s ION+ Fortis range of PDC cutters combines strength and durability to deliver unparalleled performance and drilling economics

ION plus Fortis PDC Cutter Technology
Jan 25, 2022

Built upon the reliability, durability, and efficiency the industry has come to expect from our ION+™ cutter technology, ReedHycalog’s new ION+ Fortis™ range of Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) cutters combines strength and toughness to improve performance and drilling economics. With ultra-thick and ultra-deep leach technology, ION+ Fortis cutters deliver an increased volume of impact-resistant material, enhanced thermal stability, and improved tangential strength that reduces flexing and cracking.

Featuring ultra-thick diamond tables and the deepest leach available on a premium cutter platform, ION+ Fortis delivers a high rate of penetration (ROP) and longer interval lengths in challenging interbedded applications. The cutters’ tougher carbide makeup withstands extreme loads when drilling through hard interbedded formations and results in both enhanced corrosion and erosion resistance.

“ION+ Fortis immediately performed spectacularly, setting field interval and ROP records,” said Richard Rivera, PDC Cutter Technology Director. “One of the very first runs in the Permian basin resulted in unsolicited and very positive customer feedback.”

ReedHycalog combines cutting-edge PDC technology with state-of-the-art drill bit design, advanced materials, and manufacturing processes to ensure our customers will consistently achieve the best performance in the most challenging drilling environments.

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