Our new ION+™ polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutter design builds upon our industry-leading line of ION™ PDC cutter technologies that have delivered record-breaking performances in tough drilling applications around the world.  ION+ PDC cutters have a wide range of application-specific cutter grades that incorporate refined diamond feeds, higher manufacturing pressures, new nonplanar interfaces, and thicker diamond tables with enhanced thermal stability. These enhancements allow ION+ cutters to stay sharper longer, providing higher ROP and longer single bit intervals.  When combined with the latest ReedHycalog shaped cutter technologies, our customers experience superior drilling performance no matter the challenge.

Understanding and overcoming the root cause to failure is key when developing new advancements and providing a dynamic selection of technologies for customers. To rapidly innovate we continue to utilize cutter-by-cutter dull drill bit analysis combined with downhole drilling data to develop the root cause to failure, which provides valuable insight that allows our engineers to select and quickly deploy the correct cutter for the application.

Visit our ION+ PDC cutter page to learn more about how our ION+ cutters can help provide superior drilling performance in your challenging applications.