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NOV expands family of multistage fracturing toe sleeves

We're excited to announce the newest additions to our growing Completion Tools portfolio: the Defender, the i-Opener CO, and i-Opener TD tools.

Apr 22, 2019

As extended-reach wells have gotten longer and more complicated, completions have required more innovative solutions. We’re excited to introduce the latest additions to our growing Completion Tools portfolio. Designed to overcome the challenges of horizontal multistage fracturing projects, our new tools are useful in a variety of scenarios and can be customized to address individual customer needs.

The Defender
Technical specifications
The Defender is a cementable multistage frac valve that is actuated by internal pressure. Ideal for acid or proppant stimulations, single-point entry completions or completions with high stage counts, and formations with a high frequency of screenouts or water shutoff concerns, the Defender is usable in both cemented and openhole applications. Additionally, the Defender does not rely on formation pressure for initiation, can be run with hydraulically activated or swellable packers, and can be used in an unlimited number of stages.

The i-Opener Cycle Open
Technical specifications
The i-Opener™ Cycle Open (CO) toe sleeve is designed for use in horizontal multi-zone completions as the primary initiation point to establish injection into the formation without the need for intervention. Useful for first-stage fracs, toe initiation for plug-and-perf and sleeve systems, and both cemented and openhole horizontal multistage completions, the i-Opener CO ensures casing integrity before fracturing begins, provides greater accuracy for activation pressure, and is debris tolerant during activation.

The i-Opener Time Delay
Technical specifications
The i-Opener™ Time Delay (TD) toe sleeve is a remotely actuated toe sleeve used to establish one or multiple circulation paths from the completion to the reservoir. The i-Opener TD is designed for wells requiring casing integrity tests to maximum pressure, well requiring multiple high-pressure events for functioning tools, or wells in which flow initiation pressure cannot exceed test pressure. The unique features of the i-Opener TD allow for multiple hydraulic pressure events in the well to set liner hangers and pressure test the liner and/or upper completion without risking premature opening of the toe.

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