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NOV launches Falcon reamer to combat challenging MENA drilling operations

The Falcon reamer’s streamlined design and torque reduction features help deliver high-quality wellbores and greater operational efficiency in tough borehole conditioning operations.

Feb 02, 2021

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market has the most challenging and diverse drilling applications in the world, and with operators drilling deeper and farther than ever before, we’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure our next generation of reamers meets the hole-conditioning requirements of our customers. With those challenges in mind, ReedHycalog is proud to launch the new Falcon™ reamer, which was specifically developed and tailored to address the borehole conditioning needs in the MENA market.

Having achieved great success with the Falcon series of drill bits for the MENA region, ReedHycalog applied the same ideals of strength and aggressivity to their latest iteration of the downhole reamer. The Falcon reamer is based on our proven dog leg (DL) reamer borehole conditioning tool, which has a history of more than 3,000 successful runs worldwide and has significantly helped operators throughout the MENA region reduce costs and increase efficiency.

At first glance, the Falcon reamer looks strikingly different from the original DL reamer. With a new, streamlined design, the Falcon reamer improves wellbore quality, facilitates tripping and running casing or production strings, improves weight transfer, and reduces torque and hole tortuosity for the MENA region’s high-angle and complex-trajectory wells. Its new blade layout features boomerang-shaped blades and a large radius on the leading edge to greatly increase contact area with the borehole while reducing torque.

Our unique, in-house developed Multifunctional Advanced Placement Software (MAPS™) ensures optimal placement in the drillstring, guaranteeing maximum tool efficiency in your operations. The Falcon reamer tool is fitted with ReedHycalog’s industry-leading grades of polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters, making the Falcon reamer the most efficient, cost-effective solution for reaching the technical limits in your MENA drilling challenges.

Learn more about the benefits of our Falcon reamer tool here.