Sour service failures have been recorded worldwide when using general pipe grades due to sulfide stress cracking (SCC), which can lead to catastrophic failures that could happen without prior indication. These challenges proved that the use of specialty pipe grades when developing fields with acid gas bearing formations is essential.

There are also challenges that come with selecting the appropriate drill pipe sour service grade such as equipment availability, the high number of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) proprietary grades, the proper balance between strength and SSC resistance, and more.

Understanding that pain, we simplified the selection process and developed a smaller range of products to help you drill safely and efficiently in harsh, sour conditions.  This new comprehensive grade offering maximizes performance in every region of the NACE environmental severity diagram and is packaged to make it easier for you to select the correct product from six meticulously engineering H2Shield™ grades for drill pipe and three for heavy weight drill pipe (HWDP). We even have pre-qualified product offerings to ensure that you can get to work as quickly as possible by shortening the lead time while also lowering the cost of the product.

The new H2Shield grades for drill pipe offer as much performance as the driller needs to safely and efficiently deliver his projects.

Visit our H2Shield product page to learn how our sour service products are better suited to your drilling conditions.