NOV launches Tektonic Predator series drill bits for Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa markets

Featuring superior cutter technology, our new designs improve drilling efficiency in complex environments.

Aug 25, 2022

An apex predator has no predators of its own. It resides at the top of the food chain, fearlessly ruling its environment. ReedHycalog's new Predator™ series drill bits do just that. Dominating the complex drilling applications of Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, Predator designs improve overall bottomhole assembly (BHA) and well performance just as apex predators maintain the health of their ecosystems. Across regions characterized by hard and abrasive formations, superior drilling efficiency plays a key role in downhole vibration mitigation.

Our class-leading cutter technology, including the ever-evolving grade and innovative geometries, allows for singular designs to prey on multiple formations over any given interval. This allows for more consistent performance, leading to longer and faster runs without sacrificing wellbore integrity or damaging BHA components.

In addition, our pride of technical experts fiercely analyzes and assesses each application identifying not only the optimum Predator design but also complementing NOV technology, including the ReedHycalog™ dogleg reamer and M/D Totco™ SoftSpeed™ II stick/slip mitigator system.

Predator bits are purposely designed to reflect our one goal: perfect drill bit design, ensuring operators drill more efficiently.

Matt Jennings

Drill Bit Product Line Director

Predator features and benefits:

  • Efficient and robust cutter geometries and grades
  • Premium enhanced durability components and materials
  • Superior hydraulic and cutter cooling efficiency
  • Reduced mechanical specific energy to maximize ROP and borehole quality
  • Reduced torque and torsional vibrations

The Predator series is the most recent addition to our regional drill bit product lines, which includes Pursuit (US), Falcon (Middle East and North Africa), Fuego (Latin America), and Redline (Canada).

Are you done merely surviving to total depth and ready to start hunting?

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