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NOV launches Tektonic Pursuit series drill bits for US market

Built upon the Tektonic drill bit philosophy, the Pursuit series of drill bits combines new technology, new materials, and new ideas.

May 13, 2020

NOV recently launched the Pursuit series drill bits that merge new technology, new material, and new ideas into  polycrystalline drill bits (PDC) for the US market. Built upon the Tektonic™ drill bit philosophy, the Pursuit series relies on a unique design that helps our customers in the US solve their most difficult drilling challenges.

As the US drilling market continues to evolve, we see operators and drillers pursuing target zones that are deeper and farther than ever before. Pursuit drill bits are designed to enhance drilling efficiency, enabling operators and drillers to complete these intervals faster and at lower cost. The drill bits use computer analysis of torque response along with a torque reduction component to improve directional control and reduce sliding times. In addition, Pursuit drill bits are designed with material improvements that deliver increased strength and durability, and cutter life has been enhanced by minimizing thermal degradation. ReedHycalog’s industry-leading ION™ cutters are an essential part of Pursuit series bits, with formation-specific cutters and new cutter shapes being developed to overcome challenging characteristics of specific applications found in the US.

The Pursuit series is the most recent addition to our regional drill bit product lines, which includes Falcon (Middle East and North Africa), Fuego (Latin America), and Redline (Canada). While the Pursuit series drill bits are tailored for the US market, the design tools, technology, and philosophy can be adapted worldwide.

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