As the Canadian market moves further into formations that require bits to do more than just survive, ReedHycalog developed Redline bits to thrive. Redline series drill bits are manufactured with the latest ION+™ cutter technology, ground-breaking engineering and design, and optimal smart bit technology that withstand the region’s harshest drilling environments and formation challenges.

The drill bits are specifically developed to enhance drilling efficiency by using specialized design tools, including computer analysis of torque response, simulations of heat generation and cutter temperature, walk rate comparisons, and material enhancements to maximize downhole performance. The Redline series drill bits are equipped with ION+ cutters with high-performance diamond grades that are fine-tuned to overcome challenges faced when drilling in Canada such as thermal-abrasion damage caused by hard sands and impact damage related to chert or tough stringers. In addition, our ION+ 4DX cutters feature a multifaceted cutter geometry that helps to disrupt cuttings, and the nonplanar face focuses energy at the point of failure initiation to increase cutting efficiency and minimize thermal stresses on the cutting structure. The bit’s cutter layout targets the most thermogenic cutters to maximize heat dissipation and minimize thermal degradation, extending bit life and improving your rate of penetration (ROP).

ReedHycalog’s Redline series drill bits reduce the risk of torsional oscillations through enhanced depth-of-cut-control. They can also improve directional control and reduce sliding times with the patent-pending TORC™ components along with an innovative depth-of-cut analysis.

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