On a recent project with Greatship (India) Limited, we worked on the Greatdrill Chitra jackup—a self-elevating cantilever unit incorporating state-of-the-art technology—to recertify critical drilling equipment, including the drawworks and top drive, for service before the rig went on contract. Despite encountering numerous challenges, we were still able to meet the rigorous deadline set between the companies.

Satish Sinha, Senior Vice President and Head of Drilling Services for Greatship (India) Limited, was especially thankful for the fantastic work carried out on the rig, commenting, “I want to put on record the excellent service provided by the NOV team, both at your workshop level and on the rig Chitra, to achieve our target of mobilizing the rig pre-monsoon for the ONGC contract. Despite some surprises encountered during recertification process, i.e. the drawworks drum shaft replacement, bearing housing for deadline indicator, S-Pipe and UIBOP for TDS, etc., your team has tirelessly worked on all these problems to complete the overhauling as per the deadline agreed between NOV and GIL. Even a couple of spares detected for replacement during overhaul were sourced with the help of NOV to quickly to meet the deadline.”