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World’s first full-scale and commercial subsea water treatment plant

The SWIT™ is the first full-scale and commercial subsea water treatment plant for long-term maintenance-free production of low salinity or sulphate free water.

Oct 19, 2020

Our industry is under incredible strain, even more so than usual. This calls for us to work even smarter and closer together to add value and improve field economics, while also being able to maximize, increase, and enhance oil recovery in the most risk adverse and efficient manner possible.

The SWIT™ is the qualified revolutionary subsea low sulphate and low salinity process system that has already secured several major studies.

We recognized an opportunity to make a difference by utilizing state-of-the-art water treatment and filtration, all at the seabed, to improve recovery by producing superior water quality to enhance and energize reservoirs. Not only does our system provide the best protection against souring and scaling, it reduces lifecycle carbon footprint significantly, and is also designed as a hybrid model to compliment topside solutions, utilizing NOV’s water treatment capabilities through our Wellstream Processing group.  The SWIT™ is the revolutionary subsea low sulphate and low salinity process system.  NOV has already secured several major study contracts, including one with Equinor, and this year was awarded the OTC Spotlight on New Technology (SPONT) award.  A prestigious award  for one of our disruptive technologies for the third consecutive year: Seabox™ awarded in 2018, Subsea Automated Pig Launcher (SAPL) awarded in 2019, and now SWIT™ awarded in 2020.

Whether a topside, subsea, or hybrid combination is required for your field, our water management solutions cover the life of a development, from concept to greenfield and brownfield, optimizing existing facilities or extending field life.

OTC’s SPONT criteria includes:

  • New: Specifically describe what is unique and differentiating about this technology
  • Innovative: The technology must be original, ground-breaking, and capable of having a major impact on the offshore E&P industry
  • Broad Interest: The technology must have broad interest and appeal for the industry
  • Significant Impact: The technology must provide significant benefits beyond existing technologies

This year our experts virtually presented two topics for the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), including:

  • Fully integrated subsea sulphate removal and low salinity plant for IOR and EOR: OTC-30832-MS
  • Combined and deployable platform and storage solutions for stranded reserves: OTC-30502-MS

If you’d like to register for our upcoming webinars covering the topics above, please email [email protected].

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