The operationally friendly XCalibur is an economical alternative to weld-on connectors that delivers high strength options for non-weldable pipe grades, saving the time and cost of welding a box onto the ends of pipe.

The multi-purpose connection is available in 16-inch to 24-inch sizes and suitable for a variety of energy applications, including onshore, offshore, geothermal, surface casing and liner strings with gas sealing requirements, as well as deviated & gas storage wells.

The user-friendly product requires no special tools for running, only the standard handling tools common to any rig. In addition, NOV will offer a licensee repair network to ensure the highest quality product support.

“We set ourselves a challenge to design a more economical, technically advanced solution for our customers,” said XL Systems Regional Account Manager, Phil Gwyn. “This unique offering represents the most advanced connector on the market today.”

XCalibur’s metal-to-metal gas tight seal is verified to API 5C5:2017 CAL I protocol, and the product is rated to 100% pipe body performance for load and pressure.

Product features include:

  • Double start threads: Deep stabbing design for quick and reliable make-up, eliminating cross-threading.
  • Dope/stress groove: Eliminates excessive dope pressure, delivering consistent makeup, reliable seal engagement, and maximizing load distribution.
  • Integral threaded pin: Features a counter-bored pin nose, creating uniform seal contact pressure for reliable sealing performance.
  • Engineered threadform: Maintains engagement under extreme loading and interference that builds torque energy over half a revolution, preventing unintended connector back-off.
  • Metal-to-metal seal: Internal gas tight primary pressure seal designed to consistently perform under high combined loads.
  • Forged coupling: Uniform geometry and mechanical properties

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