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75% faster rig moves

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Drilling technology in the Middle East is advancing at record-breaking rates. Success comes from having an experienced partner who understands how to increase your pace and profits.

For almost 40 years, NOV has helped customers across the Middle East meet their performance goals while drilling in some of the harshest conditions in the world. Our locally built rigs are prequalified to meet strict industry standards and still be fully customizable to customer specifications.

A map showing rig assembly locations in the Middle East

A strong regional presence—approximately 1,500 local experts and numerous facilities across the Middle East—provides around-the-clock support for rig assembly, drilling operations, and post-drilling services. Local resourcing eliminates the high cost of doing business with non-regional suppliers and the uncertainties of remote service.

Manufacturing and delivering rigs regionally while working with international teams can optimize delivery times significantly. Prefabricated structures in the region allow us to deliver more rapidly than imported structures.

When equipment travels from a remote location, the price tag mounts with every mile. The ability to buy locally cuts shipping costs by an average of $400,000 per unit.


But in other cases, a journey of only a few feet can be just as costly as thousands of miles.

National Drilling Company (NDC) has partnered with NOV since the early 1980s. In recent years, their powerful rigs exceeded the size and weight limits for standard moving systems, requiring that rigs be dismantled and reassembled for moves of only a few feet. Each cycle lost almost 10 days of productive time and increased the risk of equipment damage and failure.

NDC found the solution in the powerful, 16-tire rig moving system that safely transports even the largest rigs without dismantling. Moving everything in one piece reduces the normal downtime of each move to an average of 60 hours—a 75% reduction that could potentially save customers up to $500,000 per move.


Our strong Middle East presence and continuous service has supported Grey Wolf International, a subsidiary of Precision Drilling, to become a leading drilling contractor in the region. State-of-the-art solutions and rig packages have optimized delivery time and project success, enabling Grey Wolf to deliver rigs to their clients on time and within budget. The joint teamwork between Grey Wolf's project team and NOV has ensured a quality product and reduced project management costs.

Grey Wolf thanks NOV for investing in the region where we work, providing 'High Performance' drilling systems and enabling us to deliver 'High Value' wells to our clients. We look forward to continuing this relationship in our future projects.

Niels Espaland

President of International Operations, Grey Wolf International

For example, the regional high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) wells are complex, challenging, and require the best equipment and people to deliver continuous successful wells. To drill this complex terrain, Grey Wolf and NOV developed the largest, most powerful rigs in the Middle East, capable of delivering the most successful wells in the region. Combining the expertise of both companies has resulted in best-in-class rig performance, supporting Grey Wolf's vision of "High Performance, High Value" execution.

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Daniel Semerjian

Business Development Manager

NOV Employee Daniel Semerjian

Daniel Semerjian is based in the Business Development group for NOV Rig Technologies in Dubai. With nearly 10 years of experience with NOV, he has been a key player in most of the major rig projects in the Middle East.