The MaXit™ connection from our Grant Prideco business unit is a large-diameter, gas-tight, rotary-shouldered connection that incorporates metal-to-metal radial seals, sulfide stress cracking-resistant welds, and high-strength, sour-service metallurgy. After rigorous testing to the standards of API RP 17G and ISO 13628-7, we determined that pipe incorporating the MaXit connection was more than adequate for CWORs. Though casing-based CWOR products are often lighter weight, have larger drifts, and a lower initial capex requirement, they cannot be made up and broken out nearly as much and have a dramatically higher recut rate than drill pipe. Furthermore, unclear inspection criteria, specialized equipment, and complicated R&M processes make dealing with a casing-based CWOR time-consuming and expensive.

See the full cost analysis and learn more about why drill pipe-based CWORs are well worth the consideration in the current marketplace in our recent feature World Oil article with coauthors at Workstrings International. We explore the benefits of drill pipe-based CWORs, notably a 70% cost of ownership reduction over the life of the product versus a casing-based CWOR and a much-improved time for running and handling of the pipe.