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NOV launches premium Pegasus series drill bits for large-diameter applications

ReedHycalog's new dual-diameter PDC drill bit maximizes ROP, durability, stability, and steerability.

Oct 31, 2022

As drilling applications have increased in scope and complexity, the demands on drill bits have expanded. To increase efficiency and performance, these tools are expected to enhance the rest of the bottomhole assembly, ensure the directional and formation targets are achieved, and reduce nonproductive time. Like the mystical beast, ReedHycalog's new premium Pegasus™ series drill bits are ready to battle and dominate any drilling challenge in any application.

Our engineers have pulled design cues from our most successful and innovative products and in concert with groundbreaking cutter technology, allowed our Pegasus bit to deliver class-leading ROP without introducing detrimental torque spikes or other harmful dysfunctions.

Matt Jennings
Drill Bit Product Line Director

Featuring a dual-diameter and MaxSteer™ design, high-performance ION+™ cutters, TORC™ depth of cut elements, BitIQ™ smart sensor technology, and Struts™ high-density impreg (HDI) components, the Pegasus fixed-cutter polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bit enables operators to drill faster, reduce torque generation, and run multiple times without repair.

Pegasus features and benefits:

  • Shankless and shorter design to improve stability and steerability
  • Robust cutter geometries
  • Strong and efficient cutting elements
  • No moving parts
  • Reduced torque and torsional vibrations
  • Reduced mechanical specific energy (MSE) to maximize ROP and borehole quality
  • Superior hydraulic and cutter cooling efficiency

“Whether you are drilling large-diameter holes through salts, intermediates through high compression strengths, or slimhole shale applications,” said Jennings, “ReedHycalog has the technology to keep operators in the zone and reduce drilling days."

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