Featuring a dual-diameter and MaxSteer™ design, high-performance ION+™ cutters, TORC™ depth of cut elements, BitIQ™ smart sensor technology, and Struts™ high-density impreg (HDI) components, the Pegasus fixed-cutter polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bit enables operators to drill faster, reduce torque generation, and run multiple times without repair.

Pegasus features and benefits:

  • Shankless and shorter design to improve stability and steerability
  • Robust cutter geometries
  • Strong and efficient cutting elements
  • No moving parts
  • Reduced torque and torsional vibrations
  • Reduced mechanical specific energy (MSE) to maximize ROP and borehole quality
  • Superior hydraulic and cutter cooling efficiency

“Whether you are drilling large-diameter holes through salts, intermediates through high compression strengths, or slimhole shale applications,” said Jennings, “ReedHycalog has the technology to keep operators in the zone and reduce drilling days."

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