Utilizing field-proven RFID technology and proprietary software solutions, TracID captures detailed asset history from manufacture to end of useful life, making it accessible when you need it via TracID’s software solutions.

Worldwide, Tuboscope’s package of integrated products and services improves drilling performance and extends the working life of your drill string. With TruData™ inspection and reporting, customers can monitor the status and condition of their fleet to identify problems, prevent improper care and handling, and ensure proper fit-for-purpose application of drill stem components.

Grant Prideco premium rotary-shouldered drill pipe connections are purposefully engineered to increase product performance and integrity, helping you drill safer and more efficiently, with a lower total cost of ownership.

The Max™ Tracker cloud-based asset tracking system brings asset identification, location, evaluation, and management into a single, comprehensive platform accessible from anywhere. The Max Tracker system automatically imports data from the TruData database and third-party inspection reporting systems for any assets using TracTag RFID technology. A simple search or scan retrieves individual asset records with last known location and status, manufacturing specifications, location, service history, and other information.

The M/D Totco AutoTally™ automated pipe tally system provides usage data in real time to improve pipe management for both owners and operators. With an RFID antenna installed under the rotary table, each tagged asset is recorded as it enters and exits the well, automatically updating usage and tally history in Max Tracker. Operational information is available at the rig-site through a touch-screen human machine interface in the driller’s cabin, and tally and usage history appear directly in Max Tracker.  Easily set thresholds in Max Tracker and receive visual threshold notifications on a rig-site display to evaluate assets before using them downhole and identify assets to shuffle into use after each trip.

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