Going the Distance

10 weeks saved by on-site recertification

A recertified piece of equipment sits next to a piece in poor condition in a parking lot

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) certification extends equipment life for maximum value. Returning equipment to "good as new" status can often reduce capital equipment costs by as much as 50% when compared to buying new parts.

But recertification isn’t only about maximizing performance and profits. Most major oil companies expect true OEM documentation—not just the inspection offered by some companies—as a non-negotiable operating requirement. Without it, many doors that lead to opportunity remain closed.

A before and after image of a piece of Elmar equipment

All of this creates a complicated contradiction, especially when well intervention service locations are far from the nearest service center. OEM recertification is required to do business, but the process to get documented can also lead to months of lost productive time.

Recertification can be especially costly in remote locations, such as those found across the Middle East. In most cases, the only solution is paying high transportation costs to ship equipment to distant service centers, beginning an expensive waiting game that eats into profits.

A technician looks into a crate at the Mumbai recertification facility

Since April 2014, the world’s leading multinational service company has entrusted the Elmar™ service center in Mumbai to deliver a consistently high rate of regional recertification success. Pressure control equipment requires major inspection and recertification every 5 years. The Mumbai center has been the cornerstone for providing fast, in-depth service to locations that may be hundreds of miles away.

Typical lost time for remote recertification in the Middle East can add up to more than 4 months. Leveraging local experts for remote recertification has slashed this average by up to 10 weeks. As proof of success, the Mumbai service center has successfully recertified more than 600 wireline parts in the past 18 months alone.

A graphic demonstrating the considerable time difference between Elmar recertification and remote recertification

The secret to this success lies in recruiting and training the best local talent while leveraging the power of regional service centers. For example, the Mumbai service center experts have deep experience with wireline/slickline pressure control equipment and coiled tubing pressure control equipment as well as database management and coding.

A graphic map showing the distance between Abu Dhabi and NOV's recertification facility in Mumbai

The strength of this combination has created solid client trust and a demonstrated track record of performance. And this success isn't limited to India alone—we have proven high repeatability in other countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Our equipment is designed and built to last 20 years with OEM certification, further extending useful lifespan and reducing the cost of replacement. As a significant added bonus, on-site recertification also eliminates the high cost of shipping equipment to remote service locations.

Four NOV technicians pose in front of a piece of refurbished and recertified Elmar equipment

When it comes to recertification, our local experts are ready, willing, and experienced in going the distance—so your equipment doesn't have to.

Elmar™ is a proud part of our NOV Completion & Production Solutions segment. Our product range covers wireline trucks and winches, masts, wireline pressure control equipment, slickline tools, flow control equipment, hydraulic control units, and tubular products. We can provide a wireline service company with the full package it needs to perform an intervention—from the winch unit to the pressure control to the tools.


Andrew Douglas

Sales and Marketing Director

NOV Employee Andrew Douglas

After graduating with a master's degree in mechanical engineering, Andrew spent 12 years with a major international oilfield services company in their wireline logging and logging-while-drilling divisions. In 2005, Andrew joined NOV as general manager for Elmar Europe/Africa and became sales and marketing director in 2009. His major projects have included the acquisition of winch manufacturers ASEP, Dynawinch, and Artex as well as the launch of the Elmar slickline and flow control tool product lines.

Brian King

Business Development and Key Accounts

NOV Employee Brian King

Brian King has more than 35 years of experience in the oil industry, starting with Schlumberger in 1981. With 16 years of wireline knowledge, he joined Elmar in 1997 as a sales trainer/manager in Aberdeen. He has been in the Middle East for 14 years as general manager and now works in business development. Brian and the Dubai team were pioneers in setting up pressure control equipment recertification projects in India.