In response to these challenges, NOV’s Downhole business unit developed the Vector™ Series 50 SelectShift™ downhole adjustable motor. Representing the first technology of its kind, it helps operators save time and money by eliminating trips out of hole and optimizing critical drilling parameters.

When a major independent operator working in West Texas needed to drill through a challenging intermediate well section, they used the SelectShift downhole adjustable motor to travel through rough zones of abrasive formations from 6,000 to 9,000 ft while receiving real-time feedback of the bend setting on surface. During previous drilling attempts, drill bits were damaged beyond repair almost half the time. But thanks to the ability of the SelectShift motor to seamlessly shift from drilling in bent mode to straight mode in the harshest sections, the operator achieved significantly reduced bit damage and drilled farther in a single run compared to offset wells—ultimately improving their drilling times and reducing bit repair costs.

Combining this downhole bend shifting capability with Vector Series 50 drilling motor features like industry-leading torque output capability, 100% flow to the bit, and reduced bit-to-bend length, the SelectShift drilling motor outperforms the competition by eliminating trips and improving drilling efficiency for operators. 

Thanks to its increased rotary and bit RPM in the straight position, SelectShift improves ROP drilling and extends well reach in the straight setting while requiring less sliding in the lateral and curve and less side-loading of the bit. This also limits hole tortuosity and assists in hole cleaning.

With proven success in the field, the SelectShift downhole adjustable motor offers oil and gas operators a more decisive drilling method. And as operators seek out new oilfields with varying subsurface conditions, NOV continues to develop and deliver equipment and technologies like SelectShift that open the door downhole for what operators can accomplish.