NOV Live

Looking to keep up with the latest technology in the energy industry? Each week Shelby Dumaine interviews an expert and gives viewers the opportunity to have their questions answered. We’ve covered everything from Robotics to Fiber Glass Systems- and we’re nowhere near stopping! View the show Wednesdays on our Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

Looking for a place to start? Try this one about our NOVOS™ Reflexive Drilling System!

Insight Out | Horizons

On this show, we bring insights from experts and thought leaders inside the energy industry out to you. From CEO's and professors to engineers and leaders of non-profits, we find the people who are making an impact in the industry and sit down with them for a conversation. Hosted by Lydia Mabry, Jeremy Grzywa, Shelby Dumaine, and Cassandra Casey, Insight Out | Horizons broadcasts Wednesdays on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube channel.

For a place to start, check out this episode with Environmentalist Jamie Beard!