Not Your Average Garden Hose – Part 3

With guests Marie Haahr and Adam Rubin
Ground view of red NOV hose
Apr 16, 2019

Over the last two episodes, you've heard a lot about our Flexibles facilities in Denmark. We talked about our subsea flexible pipe, a manufacturing marvel and example of technical know-how that has to operate flawlessly on the ocean floor for 30 years with only one inspection. We also learned about the critical role metallurgy plays in the process, helping us make pipe that can survive through the challenges of high temperatures, high pressures, and sour service. On the third episode of the series, NOV Today host Michael Gaines sits down with Marie Haar and Adam Rubin to talk in detail about the career journeys that led them here, and what makes our pipe so special.

The constant strive to be the best, to really be accurate doing absolutely the best you can and being second to none, so I think that's what we try to pass through all the things we are doing…You need to be creative and you need to be curious, you don't know exactly where you're going but I got the sense that the only way that you can actually succeed is to be really really good at what you are doing and that's really motivating to have colleagues who feel the same and to be constantly challenged to be the best you can.

Adam Rubin

Director Material and Testing

Closeup of Silver pipe
Man touching controls
We care for each other. I think that's a key thing.

Marie Haahr

Senior Metallurgist- Sour Corrosion

Podcast Host

Michael Gaines

The Voice

Michael Gaines is the host of NOV’s podcast, NOV Today, for which he researches topics of interest, conducts interviews, and develops content for internal and external distribution. In addition, he leads the team responsible for overall content creation and content strategy at the corporate level. Prior to this, Michael held several roles at NOV, including director of communications within the corporate marketing group, global product line manager for inclination tools, and product champion for roller-cone drill bits. He received his bachelor of science in marketing from LeTourneau University and MBA from Amberton University. Michael is also a graduate of the NOV Ventures—Technology Commercialization program with The University of Texas at Austin.