About LFM

We are proud to announce that L.F. Manufacturing (LFM) was acquired by the Fiber Glass Systems business unit within NOV in August 2022. Fiber Glass Systems is the leader in composite piping systems, fittings, tanks, and structures for the oil and gas, chemical and industrial, marine, offshore, fuel handling, and water industries. This acquisition provides many new and exciting opportunities within our markets. Since the acquisition, our day-to-day business has continued as usual and your current contacts remain the same. Combining expertise in manufacturing, knowledge of fiberglass/composites, and a passion to serve will allow us to remain the fiberglass/composites leader and continue to create the best product and service offerings for our customers.

Markets We Serve

LFM provides the finest fiberglass tanks and vessels to service the Oilfield, Industrial, Water / Wastewater, Agricultural, and OEM markets. Across all product lines, we deliver decades of dependability with every fiberglass product we sell.

  • Oilfield
  • Industrial
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Stormwater
  • Agricultural
  • OEM


LFM manufactures pipe and structures in diameters from 8-inches to 20-feet and heights in access of 40-feet. Our fiberglass manufacturing processes include the latest chop-hoop and helical filament winding, open-mold spray-up, resin transfer molding and vacuum assist methods. For our OEM customers, LFM production services include plug and mold making to aid in product design, development and production.

Custom Solutions

We market our custom fiberglass products throughout North America utilizing a network of retail distributors and independent representatives. We offer professional quotes and submittals along with courteous service. Once your fiberglass products have been manufactured, our transportation department will see that it gets to you on time and safely.