Tuboscope is the worldwide industry leader in the innovative development of inspection equipment, corrosion control, and asset management programs for oilfield tubulars and sucker rods.

Vintage image of Tuboscope's facility at Homes road in Houston, TX

Pioneers of oilfield tubular inspection and coating

In 1937, German native and founder of Ventura Tool Company Fritz Huntsinger saw that customers had a need for drill pipe inspection. Recalling the use of optical boroscopes to inspect the inside of canon barrels during World War I, he added a light to the tip of a wide-angle lens instrument to relay images of the inside of pipe back to the operator. This invention pioneered oilfield tubular inspection, and in 1938 the company moved to Houston and changed its name to Tuboscope. Today, Tuboscope leads the industry with innovative technology for tubular inspection, corrosion control, and much more.

Our product lines include inspection services, mill inspection systems, corrosion control, machining services, hardbanding, artificial lift technologies, line pipe connection systems, MSI thread protection, asset management, and rig inspection and rope access.

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