Agitator XP Coiled Tubing Tool

Complete coiled tubing operations in extended-reach wells faster with our Agitator XP tool. 


The Agitator™ coiled tubing (CT) tool creates gentle pressure pulses that are proven to help you complete CT operations in extended-reach wells and reduce the time to complete an operation. The tool generates pressure pulses that create axial movement in the CT pipe, reducing the onset of lockup. This axial movement reduces friction between the wellbore and the outer diameter of the CT string.

The Agitator CT tool comprises a short positive displacement motor section that powers a rotating valve. The rotor of the short motor section oscillates an upper valve plate with an off-centered hole above a static plate with a central hole. As the two holes align, the total flow area increases. As the rotation continues, it partially restricts the static hole and decreases the flow area. The changing flow area creates pressure pulses that travel outward from the tool to break static friction with the wellbore.


  • Variable pressure pulses (the frequency and size of the pulses are directly proportional to the flow rate)
  • No downhole settings or adjustments required


  • Helps complete CT operations in extended-reach wells
  • Reduces friction between the bottomhole assembly (BHA) and borehole
  • Reduces helical buckling
  • Improves weight transfer
  • Allows you to complete operations faster

Field-Proven Applications

  • Extending coiled tubing reach
    • Acid treatments
    • Well clean-outs
    • Sliding sleeve manipulation
    • Logging
  • Drilling
    • Coiled tubing drilling (CTD)
    • Through-tubing rotary drilling (TTRD)
  • Fishing
    • Plugs
    • Sand screens
  • Milling
    • Composite plugs
    • Window milling
    • Scale

Agitator XP Coiled Tubing Tool Specifications

Tool size (OD) 2⅛ in. 2⅞ in. 3⅛ in.
Connections 1½-in. AMMT pin × box 2⅜-in. PAC pin × box 2⅜-in. REG pin × box
Overall length 72 in. 61⅜ in. 61⅜ in.
Recommended flow range 40 to 80 gal/min 40 to 140 gal/min 40 to 140 gal/min
Operating frequency 9 Hz at 40 gal/min 9 Hz at 120 gal/min 9 Hz at 120 gal/min
Operational pressure drop generated 600 to 800 psi 500 to 700 psi 500 to 700 psi
Max. pull 51,000 lb 78,000 lb 129,000 lb
Temp. range 320 °F 320 °F 320 °F
Weight 80 lb 100 lb 125 lb
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