Hydraulic Anderreamer

Achieve a high ROP in even the most challenging applications with our Hydraulic Anderreamer.


Our Hydraulic Anderreamer™ tool operates in the most challenging applications in the world. From deepwater to extended-reach applications, the robust tool ensures high rate of penetration (ROP), smooth drilling conditions, and high-quality concentric wellbores. The cutting structure is tailored to the specific application, performance expectations, and bit type. Mathematical, predictive modeling ensures the cutting structures on the bit and Anderreamer tool are compatible.


  • Integral pilot-hole stabilization (360° coverage) – Delivers superior performance downhole
  • Cutter block expansion and retraction mechanism – Provides a mechanical advantage for full-gauge, concentric boreholes
  • Improved cutter block design – Enhanced load distribution for excellent PDC durability
  • Shoe drilling mechanism – Safely drills the shoe
  • Finite elemental analysis (FEA) modeling – Offers optimum tool strength
  • User-friendly – Compatible with all RSS types and drilling systems
  • ReedHycalog™ premium PDC