Nigeria Oil and Gas Event

The meeting place for the Nigerian and International Oil and Gas Industry for 20 years

Abuja, Nigeria

The Nigeria Oil and Gas Conference & Exhibition (NOG 2021) provides a platform for the international energy industry to meet with Nigerian oil and gas decision makers to hear policy announcements, explore partnership opportunities, and discuss the strategies that will drive the nation towards energy sufficiency.

The world is changing at a faster rate than witnessed in decades and with it, global energy demand is evolving. Oil production cuts, a global drive toward the utilization of cleaner energy sources and a requirement for a legislative framework for oil production, provide both challenges and opportunities for Nigeria’s oil dependent economy.

Serving the Nigerian oil and gas industry for 20 years, NOG 2021 will focus on the strategies that will be employed by the Nigerian government and private sector leaders to navigate the emerging business environment – helping to set the nation’s energy agenda for the next 12 months and beyond.

July 6-8, 2021 | Abuja, Nigeria | Booth E104 | Event Details