Frank Springett devoted his life to giving to others.

It started at home with his wife Mercedes and his three amazing girls Adriana, Sara, and Megan, and he lived being sure to give to them first. Everyone that knew Frank heard stories of how proud he was of his family. He loved and believed in what they could do and be. Frank always shared his kids' achievements in great detail and was so amazed by their skills and talents. He adored his wife and girls.

Frank also saw possibilities everywhere. For Frank, barriers simply did not exist—in people or the world—and nothing was too much for him to change for the better.

Frank was humble, full of kindness, insight, and concern for others, a master at leading people from his heart. He loved to point to others' brilliance amid success and was first to take the blame when things went wrong.

His worst days were filled with his intense desire to avoid repeating mistakes. His best days were all about belief in people and possibilities.

He led Shaffer's fiercely competitive Deepwater BOP business to the top of their market using a series of simple mantras he painted on a giant wall in the stairwell of his offices. Not enough to be a great leader, he was an engineer's engineer who was happy to go deep and get hands-on.

All of his days in oil and gas Frank dreamed of abundant, low-cost, alternative energy. Eventually that passion was funded, making the last few years his happiest. Frank's vision will keep contributing to the world's energy demands ahead.

He was truly fearless. As a result of a wonderful wife, good friends, and appreciative employer helping him avoid diving in to risk beyond reason and focusing his energy, his breakthroughs were able to be concentrated and highly impactful.

In his home life he went from designing and making his own computer-driven machine tool to manufacturing motorcycle parts on to his latest breakthrough product "Morf" — adjustable bicycle handlebars.

He was the rarest of humans.

We are all charged by Frank's rich life and example, and his legacy and his purpose lives on in each of us.