Our Marine and Construction business unit provides vessel design and integration through GustoMSC. Combined with NOV cranes and products from our Norson, AmClyde, and Remacut brands, customers can expect new levels of engineering and integration in purpose-built vessels. From vessel design to equipment layout and integrated controls, NOV manages the entire process and pairs it with our unmatched experience in project execution.

Reliability through proven vessel design

We have provided more than 250 designs for units in operation or under construction. Our roots are in the challenging North Sea environment, which requires us to stay at the very front of naval architecture and marine engineering technologies. This allows us to develop more capable, optimized solutions for milder environments.

Distinctiveness by customization

We deliver customized solutions based on existing proprietary technologies and concepts adapted to meet the challenges of the specific client’s requirements. The starting point is always the survey for the right solution for the envisaged conditions. Our senior specialists, with their wide range of knowledge and skills, are your sparring partners during the design process. By matching design and associated equipment, we offer our clients the best-performing vessel designs in terms of operational efficiency, uptime, workability, and safety. This way, our solutions contribute to further differentiation in the market.

Integration ability

The basis for our designs is the primary functionality of the mobile offshore unit (MOU). Often, this needs to be translated into the most efficient layout of drilling equipment while balancing with the constructability of the design. To understand and meet the requirements of our clients, we have our own in-house senior specialists. They are the link between the practical needs of our customers, the equipment suppliers, and the technological realization on the drawing board.

Largest MOU design portfolio

We have developed distinctive designs for different markets which has provided us with an unrivalled portfolio and IP stock. We continuously work on the improvement of these existing solutions by working with our clients and suppliers.