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Bli med hjem 2022!

A job fair in Oslo, Norway to showcase the good working life and what the region has to offer.

We power the industry that powers the world!

We develop technology and innovative solutions for a more sustainable future and cost-efficient operations. Our office in Molde is the #1 leading supplier of all-electric offshore cranes globally, in addition to other advanced lifting and handling equipment.

By transferring our knowledge and experience from the Oil and Gas industry, we develop solutions for future sustainable operations in the energy industry.


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You can also check out our available positions here: Search Jobs – NOV Careers

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Siri Havnes

Manager Service Lifting & Handling
[email protected]

Johan Martin Gaupset

Manager Power and Control Systems
[email protected]

Tina Follestad Krogsæter

Communications Manager
[email protected]


As a global family, we believe in protecting the health and safety of our people, maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment, fighting for human rights across the globe, and developing our employees into champions of our brand and values.

Careers at NOV

As purposeful innovators, we believe in reducing the environmental footprint of NOV products and are constantly striving to improve processes and technologies.

Our Success Stories

As a service-minded organization, we believe in investing in our communities and living up to the decades-old reputation of being sustainable in our facilities and communities.

NOV sustainability

Bli med hjem 2022

NOV Molde, Norway will be attending!

The job fair "Bli med hjem" in the Norwegian language means Come home!

We are going to Oslo together with 98 companies and municipalities to meet people considering moving to the beautiful Romsdalen. An exciting working life and many good opportunities in a fantastic region where it is good to work and live!

6 April 2022 | The Hub, Oslo | Open to visitors at 16.30 - 19.15 |  Event Details

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