SPE International Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference & Exhibition

The event will focus on current and upcoming hydraulic fracturing technologies, using experiences and best practices from fracture-stimulated wells, and sharing global learning.

Muscat Oman

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Message from the Ministry

Not too long ago, the introduction of hydraulic fracturing as an option to any drilling plan was considered to be a major step out from base business and an option of last resort.  Many discoveries were left untouched for years to avoid the expensive and high-risk fracturing program.  Today, hydraulic fracturing is discussed with ease and is part of base business for many opportunities.  The technology has contributed significantly to the energy security by unlocking the potential of enabling access to tight and difficult to produce oil and gas resources.  The continuous advancement of the design and execution of multiple fracturing stages in both vertical and horizontal wells has provided a more cost-effective and efficient means of accessing and producing hydrocarbons that were out of commercial and technical reach in the past.  In the list of a few game changers that reshaped the oil and gas industry in the recent past, hydraulic fracturing secures a solid and unchallenged place at the very top, contributing strongly to the disruption that we are experiencing in the supply and demand scenarios.

Complementing the long-running USA-based hydraulic fracturing conference, the Oman-based conference provides an international platform for advancing this technology and enhancing its implementation.

-Salim Al-Aufi, Undersecretary Ministry of Energy and Minerals Sultanate of Oman

January 11-13, 2022 | Booth #28 | Muscat, Oman | Event Details

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