Mexicali Rig Equipment Production Facility

Cutting edge technology for manufacturing including top of the line machinery and equipment for cutting and welding

Aerial view of Mexicali facility

Our production plant allows us to offer better services

Our production plant in Mexicali plays an important role in the corporate world of the distinguished NOV family. Operating with state of the art technology and a global network, we have refined our procedures making them swift and error free when designing and constructing structures of striking proportions that exceed the highest standards within the industry.

Certified & API Q1

CNC Machines

Overhead Cranes

Total size of facility in sqft

Manufacturing capacity in sqft

Size of sand blasting & painting facilities in sqft

Our Offerings


With more than 120k sq. ft., over 50 CNC machines and the latest machining technology, our facility is readily equipped to fulfill your outsourcing needs.

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Iron Roughnecks

We manufacture our line of iron roughnecks at this facility that maximize pipe handling operations by providing integrated spinning and torque making capabilities into a single machine increasing crew and rig safety.

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Our precision assembly facility is capable of meeting the most complex machines used in the oil and gas industry. We are arranged to perform multifaceted mechanical and hydraulic assemblies as well as high pressure testing.

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Our substructures are in service worldwide in every drilling environment and this is one of the many facilities that manufacture them. Whether it is dealing with extreme environmental conditions, designing a completely custom rig or just upgrading your current equipment, we have a wide variety of standard designs and the experience and engineering power to develop innovative and custom designs.

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Our fabrication facility is a 12.5 acre manufacturing site exclusively designed for fabrication, sandblasting and painting with the most advanced technology available in the industry.

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Masts are an important part of our comprehensive portfolio of standard rig offerings. In Mexicali, we manufacture cantilever, bootstrap and telescoping masts.

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Sandblasting & Painting

Our 17,000 sq. ft. of sandblast and painting facilities, with a crane capacity of up to 20 tons, features a temperature controlled room, automatic feed sandblast booth and a state of the art paint booth.

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At NOV we understand that downtime can be critical to your operations. We have spent time and effort to ensure you have the most highly trained personnel on hand to overhaul, repair, rebuild, and recertify a wide range of NOV equipment to the NOV Quality Assurance and OEM specifications – using only OEM parts.

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