Arms and Tenons

We provide the highest quality tenons and bracket arms for your fixture needs.


A wide array of options are available to support your specifications.

Arms and tenons are a support accessory used to attach light fixtures to poles. Bracket arms can either mounted to a tenon or to the side of the pole, and tenons are for mounting fixtures to the top of the pole. We provide a full suite of arm and tenon options to ensure that you have the right style for your project needs.

  • Ameron Arms and Tenons Brochure

Banner Saver Bracket Features and Benefits

  • Reduce pole and banner load stress
  • Arms bend with the wind
  • Yieldable tension allows hinge and rotation movements
  • Arms hold banners taunt for sharp display
  • Simple and easy installation on new or existing poles
  • Brackets attach to round, square, multi-sided and fluted shaped poles
  • Brackets attach to concrete, steel, aluminum, fiberglass and wood poles
  • Attach with bands, bolts or lag screws
  • Remove rods in seconds for easy storage

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