BlueFusion Solution

Safe, water-based solution that won’t harm employees, equipment, or the environment, but effectively cleans and remediates any type of hydrocarbon contamination


The standard in hydrocarbon remediation and hydrocarbon cleaning

NOV Brandt™ BlueFusion solution is a safe environmentally friendly chemical that can be used in most any application where hydrocarbon needs to be remediated, cleaned or liquified. Many of the chemicals used for remediation of oil and cleaning of oil are caustic and hazardous to the environment. There is a false belief that the more aggressive, and more caustic the chemistry, the better it works at cleaning. These high pH (10+) products are problematic because they can be harmful to workers, can damage vegetation and can kill trees, shrubs and grasses. These types of chemistries are also known to damage pump seals, lined pipes, hoses and are caustic enough to remove paint from hard surfaces.

NOV Brandt’s process centers around 3 major aspects – our uniquely formulated BlueFusion solution, water and some form of agitation. BlueFusion breaks down the hydrocarbon and forms a micro emulsion. Once the oil or other hydrocarbon is in that form the indigenous microbes see it as a food source and will start to consume the oil. The microbes will then release H2O and carbon dioxide, permanently removing the hydrocarbon from the environment. The agitation of the mixture is important because it speeds up the breakdown of the hydrocarbon molecule.

Throughout this process NOV Brandt does not introduce any unique microbes or enzymes. BlueFusion is able work with the already existing indigenous microbe population in the native soil.

Our process will work on any type of hydrocarbon remediation. These include but are not limited to oil spills both onshore and offshore, remediation of oil-based and synthetic drill cuttings on location, flushing lines on a rig, and hard surface cleaning.

Brandt BlueFusion is a safe, water based chemical surfactant that will not cause harm to those working with the products, the equipment or the environment, but will effectively clean and remediate any type of hydrocarbon contamination. In applications where haul-off has typically been the course of action for contaminated cuttings or soil, BlueFusion provides substantial cost savings for clients because they now have an alternative to hauling off to a waste treatment facility.

Applications for Brandt BlueFusion Solution

Oil and Gas

  • Oil pit reserve remediation
  • Oil based mud cuttings remediation
  • Soil remediation
  • General rig cleaner/degreaser
  • Tank sludge liquefier
  • Equipment cleaning and parts washing
  • Tank bed remediation
  • Line flushing
  • Chemical pipeline pigging


  • Degreasing and cleaning of tanks and equipment
  • Sludge liquification
  • Marine industrial cleaning
  • Hard surface cleaning and decontamination
  • Soil remediation
  • BlueFusion Solution Data Sheet

Pure Hydrocarbon HC

1) Pure Hydrocarbon/HC

Water and chemistry added to HC and agitated

2) Water and chemistry added to HC and agitated

Chemistry has put HC in suspension within water

3) Chemistry has put HC in suspension within water

Microbe absorbs HC through skin and excretes H2O and CO2

4) Microbe absorbs HC through skin, and excretes H2O and CO2

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