Angled shot from the right of a Log Master II Torque Logger Unit screen and emergency stop button

Log Master II Torque Logger Unit Model 8090

Display and record your torque on our Log Master II touchscreen and automatically create data reports.

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These automated data logging devices operate in the harsh environment of a workshop. Log Master II units may be safely and efficiently operated by one person from the hydraulic console on the jar tester machine or TorqueMaster™ units. All functions of the Log Master II logger are easily accessed by using an industrial-grade touchscreen. The Log Master II logger can also be used to log on to our jar testers. It is available for both standalone jar testers (model 8090-B-57) and for jar testers with a TorqueMaster unit (model 8090-B-514).

The Log Master II controller/logger displays and records torque and automatically creates a tool report in PDF that includes connection-specific information and a torque-versus-time plot. The Log Master II unit features enhanced operator usability with a customizable graphic user interface to match workflows. The supervisory software used with the Log Master II controller/logger takes advantage of an office computer to handle the many functions associated with the creation of tools, job files, and data management of logged jobs.


  • Automated data-logging and PDF reporting tools
  • Displays and records applied torque
  • Logs both external and internal connections
  • Customer-specific connections and notes can be added to connections database
  • Local and remote database storage
  • Common tools and connection templates
  • Administrative features to organize and assign tasks
  • Wireless remote control from tablet or laptop PC
  • Custom, in-house hardware and software design
  • Fully sealed, thick aluminum case with Lexan™ screen panel for extended protection
  • 12-in. color-display touchscreen
  • Optional over-torque protection valve


  • Designed to operate in the harsh workshop environment
  • Can be operated safely and efficiently by a single user
  • Database fully searchable by tool serial number, date of operation, or operator name
  • Tool and connection reports saved in PDF for easy transfer and viewing
  • Changes to the torque values and workflows can be made automatically inside the database
Full shot of Log Master II Torque Logger Unit machinery with Little Jerk in a warehouse setting
Angled shot from the left of a Log Master II Torque Logger Unit screen and emergency stop button
Angled shot from the right of a Log Master II Torque Logger Unit screen and emergency stop button
Front view of the Log Master II Torque Logger Unit controls