Slickline Tools and Flow Control

Our comprehensive range of slickline tools and flow control products come with quality and reliability as standard.


We have the tools you need for your successful well intervention operations. Our range of downhole tools include rope sockets, stems, jars, running and pulling tools, combination tools, and the mechanical tubing punch perforators. We also provide innovative tools to improve your efficiency which include our universal pulling tool, roller conveyance system, and the Centroller.

Never compromise on your flow control products for high pressure and high temperature. Our wide range of flow control items are available for tubing sizes from 2⅜ to 7 in. and can be custom designed to suit your specific projects. These products are suitable for most well types including high-value, high-pressure subsea completions. Our wide range of flow control products include locks, plugs, landing nipples, isolation sleeves, valves, and all necessary pulling and running tools.

Slickline Tools

  • Standard Toolstring
  • Running, Pulling, Shifting and Positing Tools
  • Fishing Tools
  • Special Application
  • Flow Control Equipment
  • NOV Series Locks and Plugs
  • OTIS Style Locks and Equalising Assemblies
  • Completion Accessories
  • Elmar Wireline Tools Catalog

  • Elmar Wireline Tools Poster

  • Centroller Brochure

  • Elmar Product Catalog

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