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Petrochemical Series

Learn about our products and solutions for the Petrochemical industry through our three-part webinar series.

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EZstrip Transfer Pump (Mono/Moyno)

Our EZstrip Moyno/Mono progressing cavity pumps offer an innovative solution for materials transfer and sludge conditioning to keep your operations flowing safely and efficiently.

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EZstrip TR Muncher

A competitive solution to solids grinding and sludge conditioning

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Series A Muncher

The Series A Muncher can be packaged with our pumps to provide a highly effective macerating, screening, or pumping system.

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Dosing/Metering Pumps

A line of pumps offering an efficient, reliable, and low-maintenance solution for applications in which low-flow, accurate dosing/metering is required.

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XG Gear Pump

Gear pumps are used in the explosives industry as a more cost-effective alternative to move explosive emulsion or matrix where no pressure is involved.

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The Discam is a unique grinder and screen system that offers a much more effective and low-maintenance alternative to handling screenings than conventional systems.

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Kenics Heat Exchangers

Achieve reliable heat transfer while saving on space, energy, and residence time with our Kenics heat exchangers.

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