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Acid Plants and Terminals

Our custom-engineered Wilco acid plants are designed to safely handle and precisely mix corrosive acids.

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Storage and reclaim tanks

Our acid plant includes three (or more) 10,000-gallon HDXLPE tanks with a 10,000-gallon HDXLPE reclaim tank and a 6,000-gallon cone-bottom HDXLPE mix tank. Storage and reclaim tanks come with full drain outlets and sit on a seismic tank supports and restraints. Inside sit six (or more) 560-gallon HDXLPE cone-bottom additive tanks and a 30-gallon self-filling water flush tank to purge the line clean after the use of an additive.

An easy-to-use control system

Our plant uses a field-proven control system that enables the operator to control all the valves and pumps in the system with a click of a mouse. Operators and managers can also closely monitor usage and ensure quality blends utilizing accurate flow meters that measure the chemicals being mixed. The control system safeguards against operator errors that could result in spills, contamination, or damage to the plant.

Pumps and plumbing

We use magnetically driven non-metallic pumps for blending and loading acid into the transport trailer. Our pipes are situated so that if either pump goes down the plant will still be able to operate with the remaining pump. The plant’s piping system and tanks are isolated from the vibration of the pumps using Teflon-lined fiberglass fully floating expansion flex joints and can be heated and insulated against cold environments.

Safety and additional features

The entire system is vented using a HCl fume absorber, which can absorb vent gas from 36% HCl with 99% efficiency and includes a water recirculation pump to keep the vent clean. A truck vent line is used with an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) fume cap to catch the fumes that come out of the truck while it is being loaded with product. The truck is also vented through the fume absorber.

Fresh water can be provided via a water storage tank or city water utilizing double-check backflow preventers. Additionally, Wilco can provide emergency showers, eyewash stations, platforms with FRP grating, and liquid and dry chemical additive systems.

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