FracMaxx and Big Bore QuickLatch System

Increase efficiency and reduce your costs at the frac site with our new big-bore FracMaxx articulated flowline and Elmar QuickLatch system


FracMaxx articulated flowline 

Increase efficiency and reduce your costs at the frac site with our new big-bore FracMaxx™ articulated flowline system. Park the FracMaxx trailer on site, hook up to the manifold trailer, and be ready to frac in a fraction of the time needed in a traditional rig up. Reach up to four wellheads with the long-reach big-bore iron and versatile crane, all from a single position.

Simplicity and reliability are critical to your efficient wellsite operations, so we introduced the FracMaxx and QuickLatch™ system as a single, large-bore high-capacity flowline and wellhead connector. You can now easily connect and disconnect from the wellheads for frac operations without needing costly hours rigging up zipper manifold flow iron. 

As part of the high-pressure frac manifold, our system removes the challenges of traditional flow iron rig up in a simple, fit-for-purpose package designed for today’s evolving frac industry. Eliminate the need for the high-maintenance zipper manifolds, significantly reduce potential leak points, and decrease the time needed to rig up with our FracMaxx and big bore QuickLatch.

Seal replacement tool

Even the toughest equipment can have unexpected issues, but our seal replacement tool, which is supplied with every FracMaxx, minimizes downtime and allows seals to be changed out on location. Our tool gives access to connector seals, allowing seal replacement without removing the pipework from service.

Rotating swivel connector

Reducing the operational costs was a key focus for our engineering teams, with carefully considered design details maximizing reliability to keep you working on site.

Our patent-pending rotating swivel connector features:

  • Low-friction hub-and-clamp connection to minimize wear and keep your FracMaxx moving from well to well
  • High-pressure seals feature integral anti-extrusion protection for long seal life
  • Weather-sealed joints prevent ingress, keeping you working in the world’s toughest environments
  • The connector is designed to rotate without line pressure or tools

High-performance features:

  • Large-bore, high-capacity flowlines, up to 135 bpm, gives you the capacity for the most demanding frac jobs
  • 4¾ times greater flow area than conventional 4-in. 1502 iron
  • 15,000-psi maximum working pressure to suit the highest pressure demands
  • Improved reliability and minimized maintenance costs due to all integral fittings and no welds or threads
  • Long sweep forged elbows minimize erosion, reducing wear and total cost of ownership
  • Compact knuckle boom crane with remote allows for the best view possible on a busy frac site
  • Customizable options to suit your needs and maximize your efficiency

Big bore QuickLatch

Our integrated safety systems ensure the latch is fully engaged and it is safe to frac. Sensors detect full travel of the piston and that the interlocking pins are in place. Once latching is confirmed, a simple traffic light system displays a green light on the control panel and on two indicator towers located on the latch.

With a big 7.625-in. bore to compliment the FracMaxx system, erosion and damage to your latch are reduced, giving you better performance and reliability. The big bore QuickLatch gives more than twice the flow area of conventional smaller latches. This significant increase in flow area means fluid velocities of less than half those seen in smaller latches and reduced erosion damage to the gear.

QuickLatch control module

Quickly and safely minimize your changeover time on site and keep frac operations running as efficiently as possible with our QuickLatch control system. QuickLatch controls are housed in a lightweight aluminum skid with a diesel-driven hydraulic control system configured to operate up to four latches.

Integrated safety controls provide an easy-to-understand traffic light system. Red indicates the latch is open, amber indicates a system fault, and green indicates the latch is engaged and it is safe to frac. The quick test and preload system provides the dual benefits of efficiency and reduced equipment wear. A fast-seal test, after connecting the big bore iron or wireline stinger, minimizes delays when changing over. The key preload feature reduces wear in the latch caused by normal pumping vibrations. 

  • FracMaxx and Big Bore QuickLatch System Brochure

QuickLatch and Control Module
QuickLatch at Ideal efrac showcase

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