An NOV employee inspects a Wireline Tool

Wireline Tools

Our slickline tools portfolio comprises all standard conveyance tools and advanced tools such as power jars (hydraulic and spring), mechanical combination tools, and mechanical tubing punch perforators.

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The universal pulling tool is a field-proven alternative to conventional pulling tools and reduces the number of tools required in a toolbox, owing to its adjustable core length and the ability to change its mode of shearing. The brand-new roller conveyance system (RCS) enables access to highly deviated wellbores with its simple, robust design. Tools can be manufactured with QLS, HD, or SR  connections or as an alternative with the Elmar™ high-strength breach-lock connection. Our wireline tools product suite includes conveyance, fishing, debris removal, tubing punch, and bespoke.

We also manufacture and supply a wide range of flow control items for tubing sizes from 2⅜ through 7 in. The equipment can be custom designed to suit specific projects and is suitable for most well types including high-value, high-pressure subsea completions. Our flow control products include locks, plugs, landing nipples, isolation sleeves, valves, and all necessary pulling and running tools.

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A render of a series of Elmar branded Wireline tools
A render of a series of Wireline Tools with cat covers
A render of a series of Wireline Tools
A render of a series of BB Connectors

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