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International Conference on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering

Adapting and Mitigating Climate Change in Marine, Offshore, and the Oceans

In line with the ASME Anywhere Initiative in support of 100% virtual events through December 2021, the 40th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering OMAE 2021) will be held online between June 21 to June 30, 2021. ASME and the conference chairs are working diligently towards a program that provides virtual learning, paper presentations and enhanced networking opportunities within one platform. The OMAE 2021 conference will consist of the standard 11 symposia, along with Keynote Lectures, Short Courses and Networking Events. The conference theme will be centered around oceans and climate change.

June 21-30, 2021 | Virtual Event


Zana Sulaiman
CFD Expert Engineer | GustoMSC
Zana Sulaiman

Predicting Wind Loads on the Topside of a Self-propelled Wind Turbine Installation Jack-up Using CFD
This OMAE-2021 paper presents the results of wind load computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculations performed on the topside structures of a GustoMSC designed self‑propelled wind turbine installation jack‑up. The CFD results were validated through comparison with the wind tunnel tests which were carried out at the German‑Dutch wind tunnels (DNW) in Marknesse, The Netherlands. The CFD results were found to be in good agreement with the wind tunnel tests, verifying the feasibility of the CFD method as an important design tool for the prediction of wind loads during the design processes of these types of jack‑ups.

About the author:
Zana Sulaiman is currently a CFD expert engineer at the engineering department of GustoMSC, a group within NOV. He is working on the development and application of CFD in the design and engineering processes of mobile offshore units (Jack-up vessels, semi-submersibles and drill-ships). He has an education background in Aerospace Engineering with a master degree in Aerodynamics and graduated from Delft University of Technology.

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