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OBM Ultrafine Solids Removal

FluidControl helps reduce waste volumes of spent mud and the cost of disposal by recovering base oil without the use of expensive chemicals.

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As oil-based muds are reused from well to well, a buildup of ultra-fine low-gravity solids occurs in drilling fluid systems. This buildup causes an increase in mud viscosity, which can lead to reduced rate of penetration (ROP) and solids removal efficiency. Petro-Claim™ recovers base oil from spent oil-based mud on-site for reuse in the mud system.

Petro-Claim uses electrokinetics to effectively separate the ultrafine drilled solids out of oil-based mud (OBM) and recover valuable base oil. Using proprietary coated electrodes, Petro-Claim applies a low-power electrical field to the OBM, destabilizing the molecular bonds between the solids and the oil. Through the destabilization process, the solids and water settle out as a result of gravity, and Petro-Claim automatically recovers the oil. The result is a clear and clean base oil—free of solids and water—resulting in significant savings in mud dilution and waste disposal costs.

Petro-Claim is a proven, cost effective on-site approach to removing colloidal and ultrafine LGS of less than 6 microns (too fine for removal by traditional solids control equipment). No other treatment works as efficiently or as effectively, and—unlike competitors’ systems that use heat or chemical approaches—Petro-Claim doesn’t dilute the fluid or alter the original properties of the base oil, which means once it leaves the Petro-Claim, it’s ready for reuse.

Petro-Claim is installed on a compact, rugged, portable DNV 2.71 skid designed for easy setup. The Class I Div. 1 Petro-Claim is suitable for use on land and offshore. It uses no consumables and requires less than 100 kW of electricity to operate.


  • As a piece of solids control equipment downstream of a centrifuge to further remove ultrafine LGS smaller than 6 microns
  • Process solids-laden cuttings dryer effluent rather than sending to a centrifuge or directly to the mud system
  • Process waste OBM, recovering expensive base oil for reuse rather than disposal
  • Reduce excess fluid volume at the rigsite or central mud plant
  • Inventory management and recycling at mud plant
  • Recover oil at the waste disposal facility


  • Integrated pumps built into skid
    • Easy to use
  • Easy installation with winch truck, forklift, or crane
    • Rapid mobilization and installation
  • Remote telemetry (optional)
    • Enables Petro-Claim to be operated from anywhere
  • High-torque electrode wiper assembly
    • Keeps the Petro-Claim clean
  • Low energy use (1 to 2 kW/m3 of fluid processed)
    • Economical energy cost of operation
  • No consumables
    • No associated consumable parts costs
  • No chemicals required
    • Ensures safety and oil suitable for reuse
  • Multidirectional screw auger and progressive cavity pump
    • Nonplugging unloading
  • Nonsacrificial electrodes with proprietary coating
    • Low operating costs
  • Electro-separation
    • Removes colloidals and ultrafine solids smaller than 6 microns; no chemicals required
  • Nitrogen Purge System
    • Prevents oxidation and scale formation
  • Low-level/high-temperature oil shutdown switch; low cell pressure and high pump pressure automatic shutdowns
    • Ensures safety
  • Easy, one-person operation
    • No additional manpower required
  • Works on all oil-based mud types
    • Increased flexibility
  • Integrated spill containment
    • Environmental compliance
  • Wireless performance monitoring
    • Ease of monitoring

OBM Ultrafines Removal Specifications and Dimensions

Model 3 m3 6 m3 10 m3
Dimensions (L × W × H)* 22 × 7.5 × 9.5 ft (6.7 × 2.3 × 2.9 m) 30 × 7.5 × 9.5 ft (9.1 × 2.3 × 2.9 m) 40 × 7.5 × 9.5 ft (12.2 × 2.3 × 2.9 m)
Weight* 25,000 lb (11 300 kg) 45,000 lb (20 400 kg)  60,000 lb (27 200 kg) 
Processing capacity* 95 b/d (15 m3) 190 b/d (30 m3 315 b/d (50 m3
Power requirement 480 V, 100 A, 3-ph 480 V, 100 A, 3-ph 480 V, 200 A, 3-ph 
  • PETRO-CLAIM Base Oil Recovery System Spec Sheet (English)
  • PETRO-CLAIM Base Oil Recovery System Spec Sheet (Arabic)
  • PETRO-CLAIM Base Oil Recovery System Spec Sheet (French)
  • PETRO-CLAIM Base Oil Recovery System Spec Sheet (Portuguese)
  • PETRO-CLAIM Base Oil Recovery System Spec Sheet (Spanish)