Spherical Sand Trap

Our spherical sand traps remove 100-mesh sand during well drillout, flowback, and early production using proprietary internals and a large holding capacity.


Superior sand trap performance

Sand traps are designed to remove sand and proppant returning from stimulated wells during drillout, flowback, and early production. Our spherical sand traps offer the best available technology to provide robust service across a wide range of flow conditions. Its spherical design provides superior performance compared to traditional vertical and tangential inlet sand traps, which are limited in capability and in performing within their designed flow rate ranges. As a robust, erosion-resistant, compact, and portable technology that is easy to operate and maintain, our sand traps do not incorporate any screens or filters that require frequent disassembly and cleaning.

Our spherical sand traps are available in 5,000- and 10,000-psig options on an L-skid. Customized options are available with automated sand dumping, choke manifolds, and a flow iron.


Spherical Sand Trap Specifications

Model 48-in. ID × 5,000-psig sand trap 36-in. ID × 10,000-psig sand trap
Vessel code ASME Section 8 Div. 1 Constructed and Stamped ASME Section 8 Div. 1 Constructed and Stamped
Piping 3-in. 1502 hammer union end connections 3-in. 1502 hammer union end connections
Pressure relief valve 1-in., 5,000-lb pressure relief valve ¾-in., 10,000-lb pressure relief valve
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Spherical Sand Trap Rental Program

Unpredictable flowback schedules can extend the cost and length of your drillout and production program. Learn more about how our rental program can control your costs and enable well production more quickly and efficiently.

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A series of Spherical Sand Traps on site
A series of Spherical Sand Traps on site

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