Deep-sea Mineral Extraction

Materials and metals are the building blocks of the Energy Transition


A less invasive route to harvesting critical minerals.

The focus of the transition to clean energy is focused on minimizing the impact to the environment and maximizing the green credential technologies currently available. Our offshore and deep water innovations, vessel concepts, and equipment are designed in a way that limits the environmental impact and supports our customers to maintain the highest levels of sustainability.

According to the International Energy Agency, minerals like Copper, Cobalt, Nickel, and Manganese are critical to the advancement strategies of clean energy. The safe and environmental harvesting of these minerals will enable the development of key materials like wind turbines, batteries, and solar panels. Deep-sea Mineral Extraction is providing a platform to enable the energy transition towards a clean, carbon-neutral energy sources.

Deep-sea expertise – it’s in our DNA

NOV has a long-proven expertise in offshore and deep water projects that require complexity and precision. Leaning on that deep knowledge of maritime experience and integrated offshore project packages, the possibility of adapting existing NOV technologies to safely support the harvesting of deep-sea minerals – is now a reality.

Minerals collected on the ocean floor are critical to the continued development and growth of the Energy Transition. NOV's technical project solutions and global footprint of service and support are ideally equipped to handle the requirements of Deep-sea Mineral Extraction.

Anticipated increase in materials needed for Energy Transition

ISA exploration contracts

Offshore riser strings

Continuing to pioneer in offshore industries

Based on our customized approach to consultancy, our extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing, and our portfolio of superior deep-water technologies, we can integrate packages and systems to streamline operations. Whether it’s a vessel design, operational system, or piece of equipment, we have a total integrated solution.

With a long history in offshore vessel designs and engineering, project management and deep-water equipment knowhow, NOV cooperates intensely with our customers to provide innovative solutions in an emerging market, to make sure the environmental impact is limited and the use of green credentials is taking place. We can even capture kinetic energy during operations through our proven fly-wheel technology and digital innovations to increase operational efficiencies and reduces emissions.

Petrobras drillship on open water
NOV catwalk with blue cranes in background

Safely. Efficiently. Economically.

  • We understand the offshore environment and consider the environmental impact when designing solutions.
  • Tailored, customized integrated solutions – from concept design to aftermarket operations.
  • We work with other experts to integrate their equipment and competencies.
  • Flexibility from continuous development with possibilities to upgrade or add features in the future.

Vertical Riser Transport System

NOV has been running deep water riser to the ocean floor for decades. With a new design based on proven technology, we have created a closed-loop system to retrieve seabed minerals. This will result in a more efficient operation and reduce the impact on the surrounding environment and marine life.

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Blue, white and red drilling fluid processing equipment
Fluid Control
Aerial shot of the APL office in Arendal, Norway
APL offshore capabilities
White heavy lift crane with NOV logo
Offshore Cranes
Aerial view of a Floating Production Storage and Offloading unit on water
Fiberglass Structures

Fathom™ Tapered Fiber Rope


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Aerial view of a TPM1
Offshore rig on a calm day with blue sky and light clouds in the background
NOV employee wearing red coveralls and white hard hat
Closeup of a riser transport system, with view of the inside
Hose reel station at dusk
Connector with a white heavy lift crane on a cloudy day
The NOV riser team at a facility with a red crane and tubing in the shot
The GustoMSC consultant group reviewing plans

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